Monthly Archive for: ‘November, 2008’

  • Empowering Women Creative Experience

    Conscious Beauty

    One thing I know for sure is that a clan of stellar women are required for my good living. I simply cannot stay sane without a group of intelligent, conscious, loving, honest, authentic and direct women in my life. Are you spending enough time with …

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  • Robbi Firestone Inspirational Story

    What fear stops you?

    I fell off my bicycle when I was eleven. With mirror glass driven into my bone, quartz stone jagged, piercing, imbedded into flesh, the slightest breeze screamed through my skin. I dug shards of stone and glass out of my layers of my body with …

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  • Inspiring Women, Inspirational Message

    Holiday Love Letters

    One very cold Missouri Christmas, my parents had little money for presents. My beloved step mother spent Christmas eve distraught. When I went to bed she was crying; she felt she couldn’t ‘give us enough’. Christmas morning I awoke, trying to soften the disappointment I …

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  • Inspirational message, Vote

    VOTE! here’s how…

    Election 2008 Voting Information Today, November 4th, is Election Day! Remember to vote—not just for Barack Obama, but for Congressional, state, and local candidates as well. Where and when do I vote? Find your polling place, voting times, and other important information by checking out …

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