Contemplating Fathers Day

Steve W Firestone Portrait 3

Contemplating Fathers Day

Happy almost Fathers Day…

I crazy love my Dad.
Yet, imagine the thoughts of a war Veteran Marine looking upon a creative teen bleaching and tearing her brand new clothes in the name of fashion, or staying up til 3am painting. (We still do not always see eye to eye.)

My Dad’s and my interests and opinions differ heartily. Yet our commitment to openness and patience, to accept and to simply love moves our hearts closer together every year.

In 22 days my Dad will walk me down the aisle (in his full Marine dress blues). I could not be happier. Honestly, that’s the reason I chose to have a wedding…to experience that moment…to have my Daddy give me away.

Can we ever understand the rough roads our Dads have endured? If we truly step into his perspective, would we accept a different story? Could we forgive, recommit to love, enjoy peace, experience compassion for the man who was SUPPOSED to do everything right…but was/is only human and did his very best in that moment?

My Dad gave up his career and moved us to a ‘lil Missouri farm town when his wife, my mom, died of cancer. I was 3 years old. My Dad CHOSE to quit the Corp after a 28 years to become both Dad and Mom to my sister and me.

He had a darn lot o’ hardship. Yet at 80 years old, he continues to demonstrate the meaning of Love, Integrity and Honor by which I hope to live.

Some folks grew up with difficult situations; Fathers who weren’t around, couldn’t provide, or didn’t love in the ways we wanted or expected.

Yet Fathers Day is sacred. Because YOU were born. And your Pop was responsible for that. And I’m glad you are in my world. So I’m grateful for your Father, whether he was an angel or a saint. My Dad was neither (thank goodness!)

I told my Dad that this year I’m gonna paint his portrait. I’m positive it’s gonna be my best portrait ever.
For Fathers Day, think about giving him a gift that not only honors who he is, but won’t end up in the garage.

Portraits are nice, BTW. ; )
Love, and happy almost Fathers Day!


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