Over Being ‘Nice?’ Wild Untethered Women!

Inspirational Thoughts from Creative Coach Robbi Firestone

Over Being ‘Nice?’ Wild Untethered Women!

(Great image from this gal’sBlog/Author/Creative,,, she’s adorable!)

“Be a good girl.” 
“Don’t speak out of turn.” 
“Be quiet.” 
“Be NICE.”

So said the lady in the habit. And I’m Officially OVER IT! @Everyday Center for Spirtual Living in Santa Fe, Harriette King and I are starting “The Wild Untethered” women’s group.

We invite you to LIVE OUT LOUD. To Self Express! To boldly share your opinion. Tochallenge yourself. We invite you to come play with us. Put the Nice Girl officially in a Home. Boldly go where you’ve never gone before.

Our first sacred circle of women will meet soon.

Be there and be squared = let’s become our exponential, infinite-potential Selves as the most beautiful, creative, authentic, divine feminines we can be!

Shoot me an email if you’re intrigued. Come Play. Hugs. (Divas Rock!)

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