Robbi Firestone CV

Robbi Firestone . . .

has spoken and contributed to groups with captains of industry, Fortune 500 CEOs and Cultural Creatives in groups sized from intimate meetings of 10 Young Presidents Organization forums to audiences reaching 2000.


Keynote speaker, emcee or contributor for the following charities: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Wings for Life, Goodwill Industries, PONCHO arts matter, Washington Wines Festival

Women’s’ gatherings and workshops:

Focused on art, spirituality, sexuality, and the Divine Feminine at spiritual centers such as: Genesis Global Spiritual Center, Everyday Center for Spiritual Living, Center for Spiritual Living Olympia

Classes for special needs children:

Young Adult Institute, Camp Korey, Hollywood Education and Literacy Project

Public Service Announcements:

For non profit organizations: Women Helping Women, Break the Cycle, Empowering Employment Success, Women in Film, Dress for Success, Santa Cecilia Orchestra

Philanthropic Event Creation:

The Food Depot

Board of Directors:

Hollywood Arts Council

Featured on radio, film and television