Snake Medicine; My Yogic Growl

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Snake Medicine; My Yogic Growl

This weekend reconnected me with Snake Medicine. As I prepared to do ritual with my sacred women, I chose a stylin’ snake print silk blouse. How very odd. For ritual? More Vogue than Yoga Weekly. Yet, I’ve learned to trust my instincts…HISS….

As I showed up with my sassy wear, my girls reminded me; “The serpent releases skin with yogic breath. Pushing its belly huge with a deep, growl; a diaphram expansion. Snake represents the regeneration of life; the birthing process. The creative force of everything.”
I am growling.

Taking deep breaths, and damn, do I want to shed this skin. I’m done. Yet, as if caught in the tide of Tsunami, I am being swept from highground back to sea with great force. Just when I thought I was safe. Do I fight the tide? Well, that would be just silly.

So I reflect again on Snake. And the wisdom of my women; Tanya Taylor Rubinstien. Harriette King. Shibana Singh. “Serpent is the birthing process; the creative force of everything. Kundalini.” Through a dreadful turn of events, I prepare for another experience which is the antithesis of my desire.

Yet, I must trust that “the creative force of everything” is at work.
Damn. Growl.

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