Sotheby’s; Align for Art & Architecture Event

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Sotheby’s; Align for Art & Architecture Event

Tacoma, WA. – An experiment merging high-end art and upscale waterfront real estate created a picturesque gallery setting for the work of Robbi Firestone, America’s premier contemporary portrait artist.

At the invitation of Morrison House/Sotheby’s International Realty, Firestone displayed 12 of her “Spirit Capture” portraits in the parlor of a $3 million lakefront home in Lakewood that is listed for sale by Morrison House.

“With the lake and the Olympic Mountains as a backdrop, I couldn’t have imagined a more magnificent settling for my work,” said Firestone, whose portraits grace homes and board rooms from Zurich to Beverly Hills.

“The Sotheby’s clientele’s appreciation of fine art and architecture go hand-in-hand with my work,” Firestone said.

The collaboration grew out of the Sotheby’s tradition of featuring some of its auction-house pieces in its real estate offices.

“So it was our idea to have a local artist at a local property, rather than just having Sotheby’s send an artifact,” said Michael Morrison, owner of Morrison House/Sotheby’s International Realty. “It was amazing to see how many people came to see Robbi’s work.”

A Robbi Firestone “Spirit Capture” portrait is based on a subject’s inner self as Firestone senses it during the time she spends with the person. She also imbeds an intuitive letter describing “the Beauty I See in You.”

To acknowledge the gifts Firestone uses in her work, she commits more than 10 percent of her earnings to charity.

Her philanthropic efforts include roles as featured speaker or emcee to organizations such as Institute of Noetic Sciences, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Friends of the Children, and Women Helping Women.

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