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Robbi Firestone

Artist, Speaker, Coach, Creative Muse

Robbi Firestone is a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner (RScP), Spirit Capture Oil Portrait artist, creative muse, speaker, coach, and Reiki practitioner. With her deftly creative force, Firestone addresses captains of industry, Fortune 500 CEOs, 100 Young Presidents Organization, and cultural creatives—from intimate meetings to audiences reaching 2000.

Robbi’s mission is to inspire and empower women to live more creative, self-expressive, joy-filled lives every day. She leads womens workshops at spiritual centers such as the Genesis Global Spiritual Center, Everyday Center for Spiritual Living, and Center for Spiritual Living Olympia where she focuses on art, spirituality, sexuality, and the divine feminine.

Through her philanthropic pursuits at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Wings for Life, Goodwill Industries, PONCHO Arts Matter, and Washington Wines’ Festival, Robbi has been honored as a keynote speaker, emcee, and creative contributor. She continues to create and promote philanthropic events at her most cherished organizations.

She taught classes for special needs children at the Young Adult Institute, Camp Korey, Hollywood Education, and Literacy Project, as well as helped to materialize public service announcements for non profit organizations like Women Helping Women, Break the Cycle, Empowering Employment Success, Women in Film, Dress for Success, Santa Cecilia orchestra. Robbi has been featured on radio, film, and television and served on the board of the Hollywood Arts Council.

Robbi’s personal path began in small town Missouri where her mother passed away when Robbi was three. This left a profound imprint on the artist that inspired her founding Spirit Capture, LLC.

Balancing a highspeed career in the New York City advertising industry, Robbi searched for life’s ecstatic and soul-quenching experiences. She performed in the theater, cabaret, and sang onstage at Carnegie Hall and the Grand Ole Opry. Her personal writing, dancing, and creative musings brought her the most fulfillment and joy prompting Robbi’s mission —to share with other women the art of creative living, the sacred feminine, connecting with personal spirituality, playful creativity, and overall fulfillment through self-expression.

Robbi works across disciplines to provide tools, tips, and meditations to deepen inner awareness, awaken intuition, and bring more serenity with a deeply felt connection to one’s passions and possibilities.

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A Message from Robbi

When I was 3 years old, my mother died.

Terrified, I stared at an emaciated woman with my mother’s eyes. She whispered, “Keep looking for me. I’ll be there. You must learn to look in a very special way. Find me in other people’s eyes.”

My intuitive journey began. I looked deeply into every woman; for love. By intuitively searching for meaning, wisdom, grace, comfort, beauty, I looked for mother, yet found Spirit.

At 12 years, I began to draw the inescapable eyes. This curiosity birthed my Spirit Capture Portraits; I paint The Beauty I See in You. I ask, “What are your passions, gifts? Your fears, obstacles? What do you truly love?”

My mission is to inspire and empower women to live more creative, self-expressive, joy filled lives everyday. I have learned to nurture your visions and dreams, as I nurture my own desire to be eternally connected to Spirit, to women as Love, and to the Creator herself…

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