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Vision Journaling Thoughts ….

…a page from Robbi’s Vision/Dream Journal… Today I received the loveliest thoughts from a beautiful woman who attended my Vision/ Dream Journaling workshop…. “I had come to a time in my life where I was devoid of hopes, dreams, wishes or any form of future thought, other than dread and a mild fear. I knew it …

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Vision Journaling Workshop; Deep, Spiritual, Powerful…

Last week I taught my dream journaling/vision journaling workshop at my studio in Santa Fe. Rather than tell you about it myself, I thought I’d let one of the lovely ladies who came speak on the experience. I hope you’ll attend one yourself, soon! This from Carole Baker; “I had the pleasure of spending an entire Saturday afternoon at Robbi …

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Gypsy in New York Social Calendar

Themed ‘Goya’s gypsy caravan, our Santa Fe Opera tailgate party inspired the New York Social Calendar to feature Santa Fe Opera! Publisher of New Mexico Magazine, author Candace Walsh, Executive Director Creative Santa Fe Cyndi Conn, me! Artists Robbi Firestone and Joanne Lefrak all came together to make Santa Fe’s Opera Carmen a smashing success! (I’m sure the singers had …

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Voldemort meets Arch Angel Michael sunset

  I’m committed to a life of wonder, and wondering, “WTheck just happened?” I vision, dream, act. And, the hits just keep coming. The bolder I commit to living, the brighter the pains and pleasures. Here’s to a Voldemort meets Arch Angel Michael sunset. Life. Commit me. I’m Yours.

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THE Mag Feature, “Worst Enemy to Creativity is Self-Doubt”

THE Magazine Features Robbi Firestone for Studio Visit Guy Cross of THE Magazine has done me the honor of letting me play in his arena. Love this Guy (pun…ummmm.) Guy visits artists in their studio, asking us to respond to a quote by a famous creative. What a fun task! Long inspired by Sylvia Plath, I …

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Crazy Good! #DayInTheArtist’sLife!

Ridiculous day. Unbelievably good. 1) Breakfast with extraordinary Hollywood actress/coach Laura Gardner, actress/activist Debrianna Mancini, and New Mexico Film Foundation Dirk Norris. 2) Talk with Award Winning media Producer about my “12 global visionaries” project. (pictured above with Micheal Beckwith for the project!) 3) Lunch with phenome_artist Maggie Hanley to discuss ‘casting’ me as silent film star in art installation …

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Rise 300dpi 5x7

Synchronicity; Possibility Past Pain

Life has given me much chocolate and many roses. And a lot of passion. A lot of pain. Having moved thorough one of the most profound trials of my life in the last few years, I’m on the other side. See, I wanted to have a baby. Since I was a child. My mom died when I was 3 years …

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01 RobbiFirestone.Josephine

Master YourSelf to be Free; Time to Let Go

Sometimes it’s time to let go. A dear friend and collector asked me if she could take home one of my favorite works….Never before was I ready to sell her (this painting above). She’s become a friend, inspiration, creative muse; my Guide. Yet it’s time. To let go of things and thoughts past. Passed. So, I sold her. And ship …

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Don Miguelhand On Robbis Face

Don Miguel Ruiz & The Four Agreements

Oh, my goodness. There has been so much happening in the past 6 months. While moving my home and studio, I’ve watched the work in my head shift from mainly commissioned portraits to much more contemporary ideas. So many extraordinary experiences! For a full day, I drew internationally best selling author of The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz for my …

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Robbi Firestone Oil Portrait Commission

The Power of Saying Yes

Article by Candace Walsh Portrait artist Robbi Firestone recently sat down with Law of Attraction Life Coach and Parenting Coach Sharon Balantine for a TV interview about what inspires her and her creative process. During the conservation, Firestone revealed how learning to say “yes” became a profoundly positive mantra, one that opens her heart, and releases creative energies. This was …

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Daily Inspirational Stories from Robbi Firestone

Law of Attraction Interview by Sharon Ballantine

My intention for 2014? PLAY! Literally, to play. Sing, Dance, Act, Paint, PLAY! There is noone on this planet who reminds me of this than Law of Attraction coach, Sharon Ballantine. A dear friend, client and most extraordinary woman, she honored me by having me on her Conscious Evolution TV show…here’s the link. Hugs! And HAPPY NEW YEAR! (Whats YOUR intention …

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2 DSC3380

The Creative Muse Does Not Abandon

So many people write me about feeling guilty if they pause their art making. I no longer feel this… Creating work may be on pause, but your art NEVER leaves you! Sometimes it’s important to gestate. To simply, process, breathe deeply, focus on self care, and dive in to your work gently, softly and passionately, in Divine time. Creation creates to …

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Alisons Hat 300dpi 7x5

Synchronicity and Surrender

This morning I’m contemplating synchronicity. Grace and Ease. Going with the Flow. Surrender… Badger-like tenacity has always been strength of mine. If I want something, I will fight to near death to make it happen. When do we know it’s time to give up on a life’s dream? Committed to Holistic, Naturopathic, and Eastern approaches to health, (with Western Medicine …

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ipad art by Robbi Firestone

Ecstatic New Space. Inside and Out.

Grateful….This week I welcome an ecstatic new spaces for me. Inside and Out. As contractors finish flooring in my new Santa Fe studio, I feel within me a fuller expansion created. Painful emotional bondage released. This weekend, an immense and unexpected freedom occurred as I journeyed and bathed in the immaculate mineral waters of Esalen Institute at Big Sur, CA. I openly …

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23 DSC3412

Winter Winds Blow; Raw, Exposed Roots

Last night, the NorthWest Witch of Winter rattled my studio windows. She blew over a 70 pound potted plant on my terrace.  She pulverized the cobalt blue, terra-cotta urn; exposed a grid of tightly woven root.  This beautiful, white flowering bush, bound on all sides by this vessel, badly needed transplant.  Completely oblivious, I enjoyed its feather white beauty, hummingbirds, fragrance…I appreciated it fully, …

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Abby Robbi Kiss Copy

Miley VS Madonna; Portrait, Today’s Woman?

Is Mileys Twerk the new Madonna Vogue? Miley’s Wrecking Ball Madonna’s Like a Virgin? Is this the new portrait of a woman? I, for one, have always been a huge Madonna fan. I found her creative, innovative, fun, sexy, audacious. She has proven her profound staying power. Were my folks as upset about her as we are Miley? Is this her rebellion for being known as cutsie …

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Inspirational Thoughts from Creative Coach Robbi Firestone

Over Being ‘Nice?’ Wild Untethered Women!

(Great image from this gal’sBlog/Author/Creative,,, she’s adorable!) “Be a good girl.”  “Don’t speak out of turn.”  “Be quiet.”  “Be NICE.” So said the lady in the habit. And I’m Officially OVER IT! @Everyday Center for Spirtual Living in Santa Fe, Harriette King and I are starting “The Wild Untethered” women’s group. We invite you to LIVE OUT LOUD. To Self Express! …

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Inspirational Speaker Robbi Firestone Empowering Women with the Creative Experience

I’m Supposed to Blog about Art?

I’m an artist. And I’m supposed to blog about Art? Some ask me recently my blogs are not often “Arts Focused.” The answer is; (drumroll please)…Life. Art Equals Life. Living. My everyday life experience informs my art. Inspires it. Creates it. And I’m inspired by that which is educational, motivational, inspirational, and oh yeah, art. I love that our lives are multidimensional: …

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Motivational Speaker Robbi Firestone Inspiring Women

Which of Your Quirks Liberate You?

Excited! Today I begin teaching a Foundations Class at Everyday Center for Spiritual Living. I LOVE the sassy, bad ass minister, Rev. Gayle Dillon (who has done her Work!), love the community, LOVE being in the presence of folks passionate about stepping up in their lives; becoming more self aware every day. Quirky tho’ it is, that’s right. I’m a church …

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Creative Coach Robbi Firestone Empowering Women

What Scares the Hell Out’cha?

Me post Whistler bungee with my warrior sister, Kit. What are you willing to do today that scares the hell out’cha? I’m calling some potential clients. Arg… You?

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Practicing Mindfulness, (Darn It!)

Practicing Mindfulness. And Love. These are my assignments from a wise one this month (my amazing shrink. Yup. You didn’t think I was a sane artist, did you?) This psychiatrist went to monestary for 3 years. I love that his perspective is profoundly skilled on matters of the mind as a scientist, but also that he Believes. Believes in something …

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Motivational Messages from Inspirational Speaker Robbi Firestone

Delicate Graffiti, artist Cira Crowell

I often am challenged explaining my love of Los Angeles; the delicacy, beauties and intimacies you find in the city. So many can find no peace in Los Angeles. Artist Cira Crowell has further opened my eyes to the beauty I see as humanity etches its mark on the concrete ‘cave drawings’ of the city. Graffiti is simply another contemporary …

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Creative Coach Robbi Firestone Empowering Women

PoDunk, Hillbilly Discovers Herself (me)!

(Left to Right; My cute Sis. Auntie. PoDunk Hillbilly Girl (me).) Imagine. Me, 16 years old. Po-dunk, hillbilly girl from Poplar Bluff, Missouri. My dad (30 year, world gallivanting embassy Marine) had sophistication. But me? NONE. So, 16 years old, attending my Crazy Artist Auntie’s wedding in the big-city-bright-lights San Fran-(F-k-ing)-cisco. Aunt Jean? Exotic and elegnant in her enormous wedding …

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Motivational Stories from Creative Coach Robbi Firestone

Be Willing To Do What Others Are Not

(yup. Thats me. Just jumped out of a perfectly good airplane, and blowing a kiss at YOU!) “Be Willing To Do What Others Are Not” This is one of my favorite thoughts; it motivates me, dares me to grow, challenges me, focuses and fires me. I’ve jumped from a perfectly good airplane, SCUBA with sharks, hiked the Inca Trail and …

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Motivational Speaker Robbi Firestone Empowering Women

Claim Your Greatness

After the Art2Art Event for the Commisson of Cultural Affairs, a lovely woman requested a meet for tea. A writer since she was a child, she has felt stilted, unsure to claim herself as writer. Here’s a reminder; Jesus Christ CLAIMED his greatness. He didn’t pussyfoot around, saying meekly, “Gosh Golly, I think God loves me.” He proclaimed the Truth, …

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Inspirational Thoughts from Motivational Speaker Robbi Firestone

Dispelling the Starving Artist Myth

Are you an artist, perhaps unconvinced you can sell your work? Here’s a wonderful resource; Cory Huff; Dispelling the Starving Artist Myth. His wisdom is helpful for working through your beliefs that you’re not good enough, don’t know what steps to take, etc… So, cheers to your Creative Freedom! And moreover, to your Financial Freedom! Hugs, Rob

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Creative Experience with Motivational Speaker Robbi Firestone

Be Careful, But Only in a Perverse Way

My contemplation today regarding painting (and life?), by Richard Diebenkorn… “Be careful, but only in a perverse way.” There is so much perversion; today I saw a baby cottontail trapped between two cars. Overwhelmed, frightened, he knew not where to turn. Then, sadly, his bright red blood spilling…, then green light ….Witnessing his crushed body twitch, I instantly cracked; cried, …

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Inspirational Stories from Motivational Speaker Robbi Firestone

Snake Medicine; My Yogic Growl

This weekend reconnected me with Snake Medicine. As I prepared to do ritual with my sacred women, I chose a stylin’ snake print silk blouse. How very odd. For ritual? More Vogue than Yoga Weekly. Yet, I’ve learned to trust my instincts…HISS…. As I showed up with my sassy wear, my girls reminded me; “The serpent releases skin with yogic …

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Creative Coach Robbi Firestone Empowering Women

Passions & Possibilities Radio w/Sue Oliver

Just did a radio show with the amazing Sue Oliver, creator of the Passions & Possibilities radio show and founder of Life Sparks Coaching. Sue brings 15 years experience leading individuals and groups into greatness, within corporate America, small businesses, and non-profits. I feel honored to be chosen as a guest on her show. Passionate and committed to supporting clients …

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Daily Inspirational Stories from Creative Coach Robbi Firestone

Farmer Marathon

-Written by Chris Cade …Our beliefs truly impact our reality. Jack Canfield, featured teacher in “The Secret,” says that this is his FAVORITE story… Now I hope you’ll forgive me, but I’m about to ruin the ending for you… Yes, the farmer did win his first marathon. But here’s some things NOT mentioned in the video that you should know… …

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Mark Perry & I; “A Matter of Mind” Radio

I’m honored to be a guest on Mark Perry’s radio show this weekend, May 11, 2013, called “A Matter of the Mind.” He is passionate about consciousness, and relationship. We’ll be discussing the inspiration behind my upcoming project “Spirit of Santa Fe,” to open at Casweck Galleries in Santa Fe, NM, August 9, 2013. Mark’s podcasts can be found here….

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Creative Experience with Inspirational Speaker Robbi Firestone

Spirit of Santa Fe!

Ugh! My new, temporary studio is all perfect, except I don’t have all the colors I need…I shipped an over abundance of Reds and Whites, and under abundance of every other hue! Artisan (supply store) visit again tomorrow. And then, who in Santa Fe will sit for me? Beginning a new series, “Spirit of Santa Fe!” 2-3 hour studies … …

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Robbi Firestone's Oil Portrait Commissions Empowering Women

Parental Play Dates

7 Easy, Enjoyable Ways to Experience Art with your Children My first and fondest memory is lying, belly down on a cold concrete slab on a hot, summer day; our front porch in Quantico, Virginia. My mom’s rocking chair squeaked beside me as I drew cactuses, teepees, cowboys, horses. While waiting for my big sister to return from school, I spent …

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Creative Workshop by Creativity Coach Robbi Firestone

7 Easy Ways to Enjoy Art as a Family

PR Web: Spirit Capture Portrait Artist Robbi Firestone describe 7 simple, fun ways to experience art activities with your children by creating inspired, fun parental play dates! My first and fondest memory is lying, belly down on a cold concrete slab on a hot, summer day; our front porch in Quantico, Virginia. My mom’s rocking chair squeaked beside me as I …

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ArticlesCity Arts Feature Nov 2009 Copy

Profile of Robbi by writer Kathleen F. Miller

A profile of Robbi Firestone in 2012 by Writer Kathleen F. Miller for the University of Washington at Tacoma Read more pieces by her on Kathleen’s Website When celebrated artist and UW Tacoma graduate Robbi Firestone enters a room, all heads turn to take in her dark flowing hair and dancer’s grace. But it is her unique portraits that truly captivate …

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Steve W Firestone Portrait 3

Contemplating Fathers Day

Happy almost Fathers Day… I crazy love my Dad. Yet, imagine the thoughts of a war Veteran Marine looking upon a creative teen bleaching and tearing her brand new clothes in the name of fashion, or staying up til 3am painting. (We still do not always see eye to eye.) My Dad’s and my interests and opinions differ heartily. Yet …

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Robbi Firestone Oil Portrait Commission

Thank you Kristin Kendle, and the Volcano!

By Kristin Kendle on February 16, 2011 ROBBI FIRESTONE: More than paint goes into her portraits. Photo by Chip Van Gilder Revealing the human mystery, one portrait at a time You could whip out your wee digital camera if you want to capture your image, but, let’s face it, digital cameras are a flash in the pan. The real way …

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Robbi Firestone Oil Portrait Commission, Inspiring Women

…stunned that you are doing her portrait…

This from my lovely new client, Robin Strong… Today she gave her love, Claire, the gift of a Spirit Capture oil Portrait… “She is still stunned that you are doing her portrait. Kept reaching over and squeezing my shoulder and had a big happy smile on her face. Thanks, Robbi, for being you and having your talent.” Warms my heart… …

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Bloom 541KB

Unlimited Bounty: Thought for Today

A perfect acknowledgement of the truth of life, beyond circumstances… My life is funded and sourced by Spirit’s unlimited bounty. The divine idea of Absolute Plenty fuels my thinking, my doing and my being today. As I bask in the finished kingdom of my own life, I feel deeply grateful for the good that is EVERYWHERE at hand. I am …

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The Sacred Climb: Salkantay & Ego

Robbi Firestone, peaking Salkantay on the Inca Trail I’ve just been asked to write short essay about the following topics: curiosity, mindfulness, stripping away ego, releasing inhibitions, and empathy. Here is my story about a moment of enormous ego! “I had been working out for months in anticipation of my first trek ever… a 50 mile journey along the Inca …

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