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With whom can you safely share your desires to paint, act, sing, dance? You are NOT crazy for wanting more spontaneity in your life or for wanting to fuel that fire in your heart! Who will guide you through the exercises, learning practices, new conversations, new ideas and eventually, a new way of living through your authentic self-expression?

Often times our creativity is stifled — not only from within but from those who truly love us! They mean well, I promise you! Friends and family just want to keep you safe from those crazy creative ideas! If they are not fully experiencing their own creative freedom, how can they support you in your yearning for more?

We often need an external confidant, cheerleader, guide, or friend to support these innermost wanderings, these secret wanderings of your heart. We learn from others how to support ourselves in cultivating a relationship to our internal Creative Muse.

In Creativity Coaching, I will teach you to not only develop a savory relationship with your internal Creative, but also to eventually become that muse to your own children, family, friends, and community.

Private coaching is a sincere joy as you and I commit to a deeper, intimate delving into your passions and possibilities, your obstacles and fears. Learn to mentor yourself; to nurture your inner Creative Muse. With weekly calls and fulfillment of your customized, personal homework/homeplay you’ll ease into your Self in a more authentic, inspired, empowered, and yummy way. We design playful, gentle, joyful ways to inspire and embolden your creativity daily. You are accountable to create  play dates with yourself (at least once a week) when we work together.

Join me on this adventure to your Inner Creative Muse.

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$2000 / ten 1-hour sessions
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