Inspiring Women

You Are The Masterpiece

My passion is inspiring women and empowering their dreams because through the collective creativity and loving power of the Sacred Feminine, we serve and save our families, our communities and our world. From this desire arises the four main ways that I may serve as a Creative Muse to your dreams.

As an Inspirational Speaker, together we awaken your passions, reminded that miracles occur when conscious women gather, focus on expansion, and commit to their highest expression of Self.

Through personalized Creativity Coaching, we tap into the power and sheer delight of awakening your inner muse! Through exercises, guided meditations, homework, and play dates, we unleash the lusciousness of your creativity bringing more joy, serenity and love into your life.

In Creative Muse Workshops, we gather as a sacred tribe, honor and bare witness to one another’s creative process. We reacquaint ourselves with the strength of openhearted community, while freeing ourselves from judgment, mirroring beauty, doing ritual, playing, loving, and celebrating the Sacred Feminine.

In my customized 3-Day Creative Experience, you and I delve deeply into a luxurious pampering of your inner Creative Muse. Revive, rejuvenate, restore, explore, and adventure into your creative passion and possibilities in every area of your life with unfettered joy, self-compassion, and authenticity.

Join me in Inspiring Women, honoring the Sacred Feminine, and unleashing the Inner Creative Muse.