Unleash Freedom Video Course

Course Overview

Do you know you can design a life of more self-expression and creativity? That you can quiet your inner critic who prevents you from true freedom? That to quiet this little voice, and you must move through your fears? You must be inspired?

Did you know that creativity is a spiritual, mental practice? That you can learn to listen to the still, sweet, small voice, which urges you to higher, deeper truth in your life? That when you face your fears, this nurtured creativity unleashes personal freedoms you never knew you could experience?

So many women live listless, unexpressed lives, perhaps living ‘enough’, yet not well. Not feeling joy filled, happy, or serene. Most women know there is something deep within them, which longs to be honored and acknowledged; to be truly seen for the Beauty within them. Most women know in their hearts that there is a more beautiful, more compassionate, gentler and stronger version of the woman gazing back from her mirror every day.

Look around you. How are you doing? Do you see your Self in the life you are currently living? How free are you? How full your heart? How satisfied are you with your daily life?

Are you in a relationship which does not fulfill your heart? In a job causing you excessive stress, or financial/emotional insecurity? Could your home be more nurturing, beautiful; more YOU? Have you neglected your body; your well being? How about your spirit? All of these facets of life are dictated by relationship with your inner critic, which keeps you in a life that, ultimately, someone else originally designed for you.

I am an artist passionate about inspiring and empowering women to live more creative, joy filled, authentic lives every day. In playful, contemplative and gentle ways, I’ll teach you to quiet your inner critic. You know, the voice in your head who so loves to keep us safe and in control, and in turn, unexpressed; creatively stifled!

You can LOVE your life! You can live out Loud! Your life is demonstrated directly by or manifested directly from your expression of creativity and authenticity. I’d love to be your guide to invite your inner Creative Muse in to your life permanently…to unleash your freedom through Creativity.

You can unleash freedom through creativity.

Join me . . .

Video 1: Spirit Capture Letter from Your Own Heart

One Christmas, my family had little money for presents under the tree. Waking the next morning, only three envelopes hung on the tree, with each child’s name printed in my stepmom’s hand. “I love that you cry for Bambi. That you pick fresh meadow flowers for new neighbors. That you adopt every stray dog in sight. That you make presents for us in your little Santa’s workshop bedroom….” I realized the most important gift I could give is true appreciation; an expression of true love.

In my Spirit Capture Portraits, I write each client a love letter from my deepest heart to theirs, and embed it into their commissioned portrait.

Now, in the following exercise, I will lead you through writing yourself a letter like this – your own Spirit Capture Love Letter. It may sound a little silly, but I promise you, if you’re willing to play in this manner, this letter may become one of the greatest gifts you could possibly ever receive.

Video 2: Unveil Your Creative Muse

As a ‘pleaser’ child, my first priority was to ensure that everyone’s needs and wants were met. But my own? Well, they were less relevant to me. My intuition for interpreting others well-being was strong. In contrast, all the voices in my own head battled. Which voice spoke wisdom? Intelligence?

After decades of spiritual studies, meditations, retreat journeys, exercises, wise and brilliant women guiding me, I eventually learned to distinguish the ‘still, small voice’, which is my true wisdom speaker. Ready to serve at any moments notice, she listens and guides, loves and protects, inspires and regulates with wisdom. She is the inner Creative Muse.

It is my joy to share ways to reacquaint you with this voice; which is ancient and timeless, genius and simple and perfect, and humble, sweet and ferocious? This Spirit within guides us to happier, more fulfilling lives. Enjoy this guided meditation to awaken your inner Creative Muse.

Video 3: You Are the Masterpiece

You are the masterpiece. A muse. Beauty. Love. Intelligence. You are light.

As a portrait painter, I can intuitively see things in people’s faces. Yet I look deeper than most. Deeper than the skin, the features…the basic anatomy. My creative process begins with a deep searching.

In this exercise, I will teach you to look for Truth within. Using a mirror, pen and paper, you’ll journey into the beauty which emanates from your own heart, creating an intimate reminder of your power and light.

As women, we spend an unfair amount of time defining why we are not worthy, attractive, successful, strong. The following exercise focuses your heart on the beauty within you. The divine wisdom, exquisiteness, the sweetness, and even the dark, which has molded and shaped your strengths. You will play with an exercise I’ve developed especially for you, helping you realize, that truly, “you are the masterpiece.”